Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Part of "Illegal" is no comprende'???

Hi ya'll! Hope everyone's doin' alright out there today ~ and I hope by the time I get done with this week's issue, you're all as ticked off as I am. I'm trying really hard to remember I'm a Southerner, and as so, I'm trying to keep my mouth in check. But basically, I'm sick, and tired, and fed up with our government selling this country out to illegal aliens! (And don't even start on me about "illegal alien" being racist, or offensive, or any of that other horse manure - just callin' a spade a spade, ya' know?)

Something usually happens on a daily basis to get me stirred up on this topic, and today it was the State of Illinois. Apparently their state delegates are as ignorant, politically correct sell-outs as Virginia's. It seems the House has passed a bill, that if the Senate passes the Governor will sign, allowing for driver's licenses to be issued to illegal aliens!

So let's see now...we've got the State of Illinois handing out driver's licenses, we've got the Bank of Screw America handing out credit cards...let's just take a look at what else is going on to help these folks out. I mean, their only crime was committed the second they set foot on American soil! Other than that...

Let's take a look at our illustrious house majority leader Nancy Pelosi. In 2003, after a raid on Wal-mart, which rounded up about 300 illegals, dear Mizz Pelosi, defender of the down-trodden was so distraught over what those raids were doing to them ~

"Pelosi contends that investigating and inquiring about illegal aliens working at the nation's number one retailer creates tension for the workers. "It instills a great deal of fear in people who are only trying to earn a living and put food on the table for their family," she told reporters on Friday during her visit to Mexico." Well have mercy child! What about hundreds of thousands of Americans who would like to put food on THEIR family's tables??? Then again, she IS from California - the state wanting to give a $500 savings account to EVERY newborn - REGARDLESS of whether they're legal citizens or not! (And this whole "anchor baby" thing...I would love to know the statistics on the number of Mexican women who cross our borders 8 months pregnant!)

And although I'm a Conservative, and normally agree with President Bush, his views on Illegals are enough to pull me out of his support base. Just last week, he stood in Mexico and promised the Mexican people "comprehensive immigration reform." Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't he have been standing on American soil, promising American citizens more strict and stringent immigration laws???

I'm fed up! I want someone in office to stand up for AMERICANS!!! We're the ones who elect them! We're the ones they're supposed to be serving. We're the ones the Constitution is making reference to in "By the people, for the people"!!!

And stop feeding me that bull about "they're only trying to make a better life for themselves. Their government is so oppressive." You know, a year or so ago, they were in OUR streets by the thousands, bullying OUR government, basically sending out the message "We're here - we're staying, like it or not." And I don't think I'll ever forget the one rally sign I saw on the news..."Today we march, tomorrow we vote." (OK, guess that explains a lot about why our government wants to cater to them so much). But if they can come over here, push our citizens and our government around like they are, why can't they do that in Mexico?? (I thought I was going to get thrown out of a Bojangle's when those marches were going on. I had had enough, when I came across a table of 4 Mexicans, one on a cell phone talking loud enough IN SPANISH that the whole restaurant had to endure the conversation. All of a sudden, I didn't care he was in the middle of a call. I looked over and said "Excuse me", to which he replied "Si?" I asked why he was speaking spanish. He looked at me and explained, in ENGLISH, how sometimes they spoke English, sometimes Spanish. I told him "No. This is the United States - in this country we speak ENGLISH". That statement was met with a roar of laughter from him and his buddies, until one at a time, the half-dozen or so people in line in front of me broke into applause. They were finished and out of there before I could get my order placed!)

Last year a bill was introduced in the Senate to make English the official language of the US, yet Harry Reid in all his wisdom said the bill was "racist". "This amendment is racist. I think it's directed basically to people who speak Spanish," the Democrat said during the already tense debate over immigration reform." How many times ya'll reckon ol' Harry has ever had to "Press 1 for English"?

You know, I've never really had a problem sharing my opinion (any of ya'll who know me can stifle the laughter right about now). But I have at least always tried to be polite about it. Anymore, I don't care. I don't care if I offend anyone. I don't care if the Mexican in the grocery line in front of me hears me saying "Gee, wonder if they're legal?" I don't care who hears me griping about the spanish printed on the product packaging anymore. I don't care that someone thinks I'm racist because the fellow who owns Gino's Philly Steak in Philadelphia, with the "English only" sign in the window is one of my new found heroes. I just plain don't care - it's not like they're going to be offended enough to leave! They didn't care when they got in our faces with their marches (more are planned, by the way). (Which reminds me - why the heck weren't they arrested and deported THEN??)

It's time to take our country back folks. The politicians in office now can do too much damage before the next election. We've got to let them know NOW how we feel. Being from the South, true history teaches us exactly what happens with Government-endorsed invasions. We can't sit around fussing about it, and continually leave it up to the next guy to do something about it! It's not going to happen ~ WE have to fix it ourselves. Let your Senators and Congressmen know how you feel! Let them know they'll be serving their last terms if they let this amnesty go thru! (Start your own blog, posting where your representatives stand - for example, my Congressman, Rick Boucher, Dem. 9th district, has been pretty good about looking out for Americans. One of my Senators - John Warner, Rep. (yeah right), voted in favor of the "Dream Act" and could care less about Americans, and Sen. Jim Webb, Dem., well, he's too new and I can't get his aides to tell me where he stands on anything ('cept maybe gun control now). Let them know we're fed up and not taking it anymore. The silent majority has been too silent too long, and it's time to make some noise!